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All breeds sometime in their life experience health problems. Some are more prone to be born with them. The Sussex are no different. The health concerns that are more likely to be seen in Sussex are:  Hip and/or Elbow dysplasia,  Cardiac or Heart disease , Bloat, Cancer, PDP1 and some Eye issues such as retinal folds, which in Sussex do not cause blindness. 

We are very fortunate to have a DNA test available for a disease which is very serious in Sussex.  The test is called PDP1. The disorder that it tests for is the mutation in the gene causing canine pyruvate dehydrogenase phosphatase.  Basically, it is a muscle wasting disease that causes early death if the dog is affected. It is important for both parents to be tested for PDP1 prior to breeding as you can't identify if a dog has it just by looking at them. The following link is to a chart that the HOSSC created to help understand PDP1.  PDP1 testing information

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VetGen - swabs for PDP1 testing
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University of Missouri - swabs for PDP1 testing