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So you’re thinking about adding a Sussex to your home - or maybe you’ve just gotten your first Sussex. Those of us who own a Sussex know what wonderful companions they can be. These really become part of the family. But, as much as we love and enjoy our Sussex, they may not be the dog for everyone. We don’t want to discourage you from considering a Sussex as your family pet, but we do want you to know a little about what’s involved.

They do shed and require a nice brushing every week to keep the coat from becoming matted and tangled. Although regular grooming will help minimize the problem, if some dog hair around the house bothers you a Sussex is probably not the breed for you. 

They do drool. While some may drool less than others, all Sussex produce saliva in varying amounts. Once again, if you’re turned off by the drool, you may want to consider another breed.

Now here are some basic facts you should know:

1.  All breeds of dogs have health problems. Sussex are no different. On our Health page there is a basic list of what Sussex may develop in their lifetime.

2.  AKC Limited registration and/or Spray/Neuter contracts are documents which indicate that your puppy can’t be used for breeding, and can’t be shown in Conformation classes at Dog Shows. Your puppy can be shown in Obedience and other Performance Events    ( Tracking, Rally, Hunting.) Neutered animals usually make better pets, since you don’t have to put up with the nuisance of bitches in season or male leg lifting.

3.  You should never have to pay extra for AKC papers or Health Information. When you pick up your puppy, you should receive a bill of sale, a 3 generation pedigree, the AKC registrations papers AND the results of the PDP1 test that was done.  Read all agreements carefully before signing.  A Sussex is an investment for his lifetime.

Each breed has their own AKC standard this link will take you to the AKC                        Sussex Spaniel Standard for more specific information on the breed.

The Sussex Spaniel was one of the original nine breeds recognized by the AKC in 1884, it has actually existed as a breed for much longer. It originated in the 18th century in the county of Sussex, England, where it was used as a field dog.  Mr Augustus Elliott Fuller (1777-1857) of Rosehill Sussex, England, is credited with being their founder and kept them for 50 years until the 1850's. They were kept as working dogs on his large estate. 

Though there were other Sussex Spaniel breeders, by the time of World War II there were still only a few Sussex Spaniels about. However, breeding was discouraged in wartime and resulted in only 7 Sussex Spaniels remaining in 1945. Mrs Joy Freer devoted her life to breeding the Sussex Spaniel for posterity and provided a link over six decades. She always worked her dogs in the field. In the 1950's breeding problems had emerged and an out cross was undertaken in England

The is still a small gene pool in the UK. The Breed was identified by the Kennel Club in 2004 as a Vulnerable British Breed. Puppy registrations for 2015 were only 43. The Sussex Spaniel Association was formed in 1924 for the "protection of the Sussex Spaniel" Today we have about 220 members, all devoted to the future of this lovely breed. Our members, particularly our elder ones, are an endless source of information about the breed and very willing to offer advice. 

Today in the US there is also still a small gene pool and the Sussex is considered to be more of a rare breed. 

Current Sussex Registrations by AKC:​
2015 - 44 individual dogs
2014 - 50 individual dogs

15 litter registrations in 2015 with 47 puppies legible for registration.
13 litter registrations in 2014 with 50 puppies eligible for registration.

Individual Ranking in 2015 - 178
Individual Ranking in 2014 - 175

They fine with people and children but they need plenty of socialization, puppy classes, obedience classes, time and patience. They live happily with other dogs, though they are usually top dog! 
We are committed to the Sussex Spaniel and American Kennel Club organizations. You are welcome to contact any of us listed at the Officers/Breeders link for information on the Sussex Spaniel. You will find our emails addresses available at your finger tips.

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